Staff Product Manager, Mozilla Corp.

Brooklyn, NY • 2016 - Present

  • Established a new product development pipeline and testing platform for experimental Firefox features and web applications. This experiments platform is used by 100K people every day.
  • Created a repeatable process for researching, testing, building and getting feedback on new features for the Firefox browser. Evangelized this process across Mozilla, and provided internal workshops on product iteration best-practices.
  • Successfully shepherded 14 experiments through this pipeline resulting in two major new features in Firefox, as well as changes to Firefox’s add-on API and tracking protection block list.
  • Led the transition of one experimental feature into a shipping Firefox/cloud feature used 30M times in the two months since shipped.
  • Defined the development priorities of of the Test Pilot web platform. Worked cross-functionally with Legal, Privacy, Marketing, Measurement and Ops teams as well as external Product, Design and Engineering teams to ensure the quality of experiments deployed through the Test Pilot platform.
  • Wrote a lot of code, because I manage a experiments team, and sometimes that’s what it takes to make sure everything works.

Senior Product and UX Designer, Mozilla Corp.

Brooklyn, NY • 2014 - 2016

  • Led UX definition for Test Pilot platform from the initial concept deck through launch.
  • Modeled the Test Pilot innovation pipeline along with cross-functional touch points for the Test Pilot platform.
  • Evangelized Test Pilot internally and built company-wide support for the product, process, and team.
  • Established a cross-disciplinary product review board to vet, approve, and staff testing initiatives for Firefox Test Pilot.
  • Coordinated with partner organizations to integrate two third party experiments into the Test Pilot pipeline.
  • Defined parallel UX processes for wireframing and high fidelity code-based interactive mockups to ensure easy migration from UX to in-product implementation.
  • Lead implementation of front end styles for the Test Pilot platform, contributing significant JS and Sass code to the initial Test Pilot product.
  • Worked with a partner and a third-party developer to design, implement, and deploy a bespoke advertising snippet containing a playable ASM.js-based game to all Firefox users.

Design Engineer, Mozilla Corp.

Brooklyn, NY • 2013 - 2014

  • Co-led design of the Firefox Accounts authentication service and Firefox Sync data management service. Accounts/Sync currently have over 12M MAU.
  • Led implementation of Accounts visual design in Sass. Wrote the bulk of the shipping style code for Firefox Accounts.
  • Led design for mobile Firefox Accounts implementation for Firefox OS.
  • Built interactive prototypes for use in user research sessions.
  • Conducted user research to optimize Firefox Sync UX.
  • Conducted partner research to determine how best to sunset previous Mozilla authentication system.

Design Intern, Microsoft Research

Redmond, WA • 2012

  • Designed computational photography applications for Windows Phone with the Interactive Visual Media group at MSR. My application went on to be featured in Windows Phone publicity material including nationally aired television commercials.
  • Worked with Windows Phone Developer Relations team to design demonstration applications for Windows Phone developers.
  • Collaborated with MSR designers on a computational photography application for Windows 8.
  • Created presentations for interdepartmental production and future-casting discussions.
  • Created a 90 piece clip-art library for use in subsequently published NLP research.

Instructor + Teaching Assistant, Carnegie Mellon University

Pittsburgh, PA • 2011 - 2013

  • Led web design course for graduate students.
  • Assisted in instruction the course Programming for the Arts with Processing.
  • Led lectures on special topics including computer vision, Kinect hacking, and dynamic typography.

Web Developer, freelance

Brooklyn, NY • 2008-2011

  • Solicited new business and managed an international roster of clients including non- profits, real-estate developers, artists, boutiques, publishers and galleries.
  • Provided web and graphic asset design to meet client' specific needs.
  • Built database-driven websites using a variety CMS frameworks.
  • Created custom themes for commercial and presentational websites.

Instructor, 3rd Ward

Brooklyn, NY • 2009-2011

  • Instructed courses in HTML/CSS, Javascript, Processing, SketchUp, and laser fabrication.
  • Taught up to 40 students at a time across multiple classes.
  • Created custom lesson plans, homework assignments, and a large cache of educational resources accessible to students.
  • Led staff training sessions in HTML/CSS coding for the upkeep and expansion of 3rd Ward's web presence.


Carnegie Mellon

Masters of Interaction Design

Pittsburgh, PA

2011 - 2013

Brown University

Bachelor of Arts

Providence, RI

2001 - 2005